Technology is changing how people work and we are proud to be part of that journey.

Our story

We passionately believe that technology can transform the process of marketing. We are focussed on bethebrand as the solution that changes how people work and the solution that people love working with.

The Directors

  • Adam Hainsworth Chief Executive Officer
  • Guy Hainsworth Chief Technology Officer
  • Jes Ongley Chief Operations Officer
  • Stefan Russell Creative Production Officer

Leveraging the latest technologies and 10 years of experience in marketing automation makes bethebrand truly transformational; we are continuously reinvesting to bring to market the next generation of marketing automation.

"bethebrand has revolutionised marketing at Bupa" Sue Taylor Marketing Operations Manager

When we demonstrate bethebrand people get excited, spontaneous side conversations start, new opportunities and possibilities begin to be dreamed of. This is genuine excitement, and this is why we build systems. We are delivering the future possible now.


Bar Chart

We have enjoyed consistent, organic, year-on-year growth. The number of clients, users, turnover, assets under management and people have steadily increased since we started. This will continue as the amazing feedback on the latest releases underpins our future growth.

Bar Chart

Where to next? Our vision is to retain our focus on marketing automation as we have a product roadmap bursting with ways of taking cost and time out of the process of managing marketing.

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