Alliance Trust

Alliance Trust PLC is one of the UK’s largest investment trusts

Date of Deployment: June 2014/December 2015
Scope - modules: Asset Store, Project Centre, Dashboard, Mark Up
Length/Scope of implementation: 2 months

Scoping workshops were carried out focusing on process workflow, asset metadata and internal agency traffic management. One year into go live we ran another project to segment the system as the client restructuring into 3 distinct businesses with shared services.

We were able scope, test and implement a complete system segmentation with 3 businesses all operating independently from each other with their own assets and workflows and without disruption during this process using our mapping functionality.

Assets were split by segment with a specific group of users retaining capabilities to ‘see’ all segments. Stakeholder user groups shared across the segments within the workflow functionality for complete flexibility. The initial user base usage increased significantly with multiple departments onboarding post deployment of ‘AT Create’ (Alliance Trust system name).

"I thought I’d get in touch to say how great the new mark up tool is – loving that you can compare documents side by side – great feature for me as I spend so much of my time marking up and having to refer back to previous comments etc." Ella Riesco Head of Marketing and Communications

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