Bupa is a private international healthcare group serving more than 14 million customers in over 190 countries. Their services include health insurance and other funding products, hospitals and primary care centres, chronic disease management, home healthcare, dental centres, prevention and workplace health, and care services, including residential and nursing homes and retirement villages.

How to maintain the corporate standards across a diverse business?

Bupa’s business is complex, catering for different target audiences with different needs. Their central marketing division faced the challenge of maintaining corporate standards while making sure all divisions were cohesive under the global brand.

When Sue Taylor joined Bupa as Marketing Operations Manager, she soon realised there was a need to standardise processes and coordinate all campaigns centrally. Marketing literature was approved mainly via emails, and it wasn’t unusual for an item to circulate 20 - 30 times before it was signed off, often many months later.

The solution to Bupa’s problems?

Having previously worked for Co-operative Financial Services, using bethebrand to streamline and manage the delivery of all marketing campaigns and key assets, Sue already had proven results to convince Bupa’s management to run a six month pilot scheme to test bethebrand.

bethebrand was first deployed within the Health Funding division and used to manage the process of briefing, creating, approving and storing all marketing literature.

Immediate results

Bupa recognised the benefits of bethebrand straight away. With the online document review functionality, approvers could see each others comments immediately upon being posted. This resulted in dealing with conflicting views earlier in the process, thus eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring quicker resolution of all issues.

Previously, campaigns were often placed on hold when a project manager was out of the office or on annual leave. With bethebrand, these activities can be quickly re-assigned without delays in the process. All campaign activity is stored in one place and the assigned project manager can easily pick up the work without the worry of processes, comments or documents going missing.

Thanks to bethebrand, Bupa’s marketing teams now work transparently, following a structured workflow. Managers can quickly see each campaign’s progress, their team’s workload and identify any unfinished tasks. The reporting capability also highlights bottlenecks, which results in greater efficiencies as processes continuously evolve and improve.

Full speed ahead

The pilot was deemed a success. Bupa fully deployed bethebrand in the Health Funding division and then quickly rolled out the system to the Care Homes group - over 300 care homes with more than 18,000 residents. The main drive for adopting bethebrand into the division was its ability to easily and quickly create marketing materials from pre-designed and pre-approved templates.

Care home managers sign into bethebrand and create print ready PDFs using their own images and copy within minutes, cutting design time and artwork costs significantly. All collateral is approved through bethebrand prior to release to ensure brand consistency and a high quality of work.

The future

The ability to segment the system, so each business area can configure and manage their own workflows and management information was one of the key reasons for selecting be the brand experience as a partner.

Sue Taylor concludes: “I was pleased to see that the new Marketing Management System (as Bupa calls bethebrand) has revolutionised marketing at Bupa. We could see its benefits straight away. It has helped streamline and standardise the way in which marketing collateral is created and taken through Compliance approval. On seeing the benefits, other business areas are keen to adopt bethebrand and the intention is to roll it out across the UK business units as quickly as possible.”

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"On seeing the benefits, other business areas are keen to adopt bethebrand and the intention is to roll it out across the UK business units as quickly as possible." Sue Taylor Marketing Operations Manager

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