Co-op Insurance

Co-op Insurance is a general insurance company based in Manchester, United Kingdom and is part of the Co-op Group.

Co-op Insurance’s challenge

In 2016 Co-op Insurance was looking for a new system to approve and store marketing assets.

As a large insurer, Co-op Insurance has a large number of people involved in producing marketing materials including those from third party insurers and agencies. It’s really important for Co-op Insurance to make sure that their members and customers are treated fairly. They needed a secure system which could store clear audit trails that could be used for a variety of different types of customer communications ranging from financial promotions to documentation for their various community projects.

The solution

The Co-op undertook a procurement process looking at a number of different solutions. Some of the reasons that Be the Brand were selected given as:

  • We’re able to assign specific roles to each of the users giving our board the assurance we have strong controls in place. This includes make sure that the right people are seeing and approving the correct work and that they can only see the work which applies to them.
  • The Project Managers have to set expiry dates so we can make sure that assets are reviewed regularly to ensure that the content is still up to date.
  • We have control over a lot of the settings such as the contents of the drop down boxes meaning that once a decision has been made it can be actioned immediately.
  • There’s a wide range of reporting functions, which we can use to identify trends in errors. This means that we can offer support and training to the users who need it the most
  • The library of assets is easy to access and we can easily search and find everything which has passed through the system and know when it will have been seen by our customers.

Building the Solution

The process for configuring the software went really quickly and smoothly. Run in a series of two week sprints Co-op Insurance were able to see their desired process transformed into a working model and tested it throughout the process.

The Benefits

As the customer base of Co-op Insurance continues to grow and introduce new products they’re able to concentrate on the customers rather than trying to use spreadsheets and emails to keep control of everything that is sent out.

Once the system went live Co-op Insurance say they’ve always had quick responses to any issues and they really love being able to put forward suggestions for improvements, a number of which they’ve already seen introduced.

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