Tesco Bank

Having opened for business in 1997 and subsequently owned by Tesco PLC in 2008, Tesco Bank is an active player in retail banking. It offers access to a range of products and services including insurance, loans, savings, credit cards and mortgages and currently their customers have over 7 million accounts and policies with them. With a reputation for good service, the bank’s customer base has been growing rapidly.

Tesco Bank’s Challenge

To support this continued growth, Tesco Bank needed a central marketing system to help their marketing teams work more efficiently. In 2011, they appointed a team of consultants from Optima to help facilitate this transition and find a suitable provider of a marketing automation system.

The solution had to fulfill the following key business requirements:

  • Manage the process of creating marketing campaigns, including review, approval and sign off of marketing collateral
  • Supply an audit trail to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Provide visibility of all campaigns for planning purposes
  • Store all marketing literature and digital assets in one central location


After researching the market, Tesco Bank selected bethebrand. Soon after, eMarc (Tesco Bank’s name for their system) was ready to be tested and signed off.

The outcome

Tesco Bank teams are now managing the full campaign lifecycle on bethebrand. Over 350 users from Tesco Bank, Tesco Compare and external agencies use bethebrand daily to ensure their campaigns run smoothly and on time. To comply with strict financial services regulations, bethebrand is segmented so users within each division can see only the assets and projects relevant to them.

All artwork is reviewed and signed off through bethebrand, significantly reducing the administrative time required to manage the campaigns. All reviewers’ and stakeholders’ comments are captured online in real time and can be easily sorted by a number of criteria, allowing campaign managers to quickly spot and resolve any disputes or outstanding issues. Built-in controls ensure that compliance, legal and other final approvers can see and sign off only items approved by pre-defined stakeholders, ensuring the final sign off process follows the regulatory requirements.

Evaluating campaigns and spot checking is now a simpler process. Be the brand experience added a number of additional management information reports to their existing suite of standard reports, which are automatically emailed to the key stakeholders. This helps identify missed service level agreements which impact the performance of different departments and provides an immediate overview of all campaigns.

All teams across different channels and divisions now work in a standardised way, with clearly defined workflows and responsibilities for their business area. End result? Reduced errors, increased quality of work, quicker turn-around time and speed to market, all done with greater efficiencies.

The future

Tesco Bank continues its upwards trajectory and the marketing teams continually look to bethebrand to support their day to day operations. Tesco Bank are keen contributors to bethebrand product development pipeline and take advantage of upgrade opportunities as they are released.

"Reduced errors, increased quality of work, quicker turn-around time and speed to market, all done with greater efficiencies." Tesco Bank

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