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You want to plan and deliver smooth-running and efficient campaigns. But ensuring everything happens on time, on brand, and on budget is challenging. bethebrand is a marketing solution helping companies streamline the process of briefing, creating, storing and distributing marketing campaigns and key assets. A reliable, user-friendly, online framework to deliver your campaigns efficiently.

10 ways to improve your marketing campaigns

  1. Metrics to help you better evaluate and plan your campaigns
  2. Quicker campaign execution with the same resources by automating frequent marketing processes = better marketing ROI
  3. Reduced administration time, as actions are automatically triggered
  4. Personalised dashboard & emails for each stakeholder to keep them on top of their actions, including reminders for overdue actions
  5. Unnecessary communications & meetings cut to a minimum - real-time online platform for document reviews, minimising disputes, speeding the review process and reducing the number of re-iterations
  6. Less policing as controls are built into the system throughout the campaign’s life-cycle
  7. Multiple marketing channels managed under one umbrella
  8. Better transparency and accountability; management dashboard with status of all campaigns; tasks not finished within agreed SLAs flagged out
  9. Better costs & budget control - built in budgeting and planning tool (soon)
  10. Reduced frustration, cost and errors associated with manual processes

What is bethebrand used for:

  • Supports working across teams outside of marketing, including internal teams, legal and compliance, external agencies, contractors, vendors and partners
  • Streamlines the process of planning, briefing, creating, approving, and storing marketing assets, including campaign planning, budgeting, resource allocation and approvals
  • Keeps track of resource overload, status, deadlines and approval stages for each campaign
  • Provides real time, online, collaborative workspace to review and approve documents
  • Caters for different workflow scenarios, customised for different processes (new item creation, item update, item archiving through to stock destruction, print management and fulfilment, campaign approvals and briefings, etc.)
  • Permission based, one system can be used by a number of business units for different purposes
  • Configurable data capture and analysis to meet your requirements
  • Managing all brand assets (marketing literature, images, videos, to maximise your return on investment
  • Creating on-brand communications and artwork within minutes, using approved templates

Getting started

  • 24/7 access from anywhere using a standard Internet browser; no additional software or equipment required
  • Flexible, off the shelf solution with many configurations
  • No hassle and quick deployment
  • Fully branded to meet corporate standards
  • Easily embedded into your organisation, with minimum training requirements

What will you NOT need to deploy bethebrand:

  • Heavy involvement from your IT team. All your IT needs to do is review our security infrastructure.
  • We will set up your system, processes and users and even upload your existing literature and assets to give you a head start.
  • Invest in any special equipment or software; standard desktop and internet access does the trick.
  • Adobe licenses to review your documents - save your IT costs thanks to our built-in document review
  • Training resources; our experienced team of deployment managers will take care of training all your users and support them whilst the system is bedding in.

What is bethebrand used for:

  • Digital asset management including literature lifecycle management
  • Campaigns and creative brief review and approval
  • Campaign management including multiple channels, agencies or suppliers
  • Print procurement and management
  • Stock ordering
  • Delivery destinations management (print/ online)

Pain points we address

Central marketing

  • Improved brand control & consistency
  • Reduced cost and time of creating and approving brand assets
  • Immediate overview and transparency of all campaigns and workload

Marketing managers

  • Reduction of duplicating work
  • Freed up resource for delivering more campaigns
  • Quicker launch of campaigns and distribution of literature to market
  • Better version and artwork control

Sales channels:

  • Access to the latest versions of marketing literature, from a centralised location
  • Co-ordinated release and translation of content across all channels and geographies.

Creative agencies/internal studio:

  • Easier version control
  • Online briefing and drafts review saving time

Print procurement departments:

  • Automated briefing of multiple printers/ for multiple quantities using pre-defined data
  • Real time quote comparison on one screen
  • Comprehensive reporting

?Why bethebrand

It works.The system is designed to help people do their jobs – not hinder them.

Easy to use

Many of our clients choose us because our system is intuitive and easy to use, turning complex processes into a list of straightforward actions. Your users can be trained and ready to use the system within a couple of hours.

Off the shelf - yet configurable

bethebrand provides many configuration options to meet your data and process requirements. Yet our system can still be configured and up and running within a few weeks.

Long-term relationships

The majority of our clients stay with us for years. We have been told that we are easy to work with, and our clients see us as partners. As your company grows, our software can grow with you!

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