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Maximise the value of your marketing assets!

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You have spent a lot of time, money and resource creating your marketing assets - literature, corporate videos, images, graphics, your logo and brand identity. With every update, your investment increases. Then you discover your sales team sometimes use out of date product sheets, incorrectly cropped logos, or off-brand images in their presentations. Another two teams are working on an identical campaign - without knowing about it! Sound familiar?

Don’t throw away your marketing investment! Our digital asset management solution streamlines the process of storing, creating and approving marketing assets. Maximise the ROI from your assets!

Getting started with bethebrand:

  • 24/7 access from anywhere using a standard Internet browser; no additional software or equipment required
  • Flexible, off the shelf solution with multiple configurations and data options to meet your needs
  • Single storage of all your assets, with permission-based access rights
  • No hassle and quick deployment
  • Fully branded to meet your corporate standards- Easily embedded into your organisation as minimum user training is required

Use bethebrand for:

  • Centralised storage place for all marketing literature in most formats, logos, images, videos and audio files including associated artwork source files, print specifications, previous print orders with communication templates and full version control.
  • All assets tagged and categorised with configurable meta data fields
  • Super powerful dynamic search engine - search results by next review date, start date, title, all meta data categories, search for numbers and text within text, thumbnail previews.
  • Version control - dashboard flags for next review date andoverdue review dates for item owners as well as an overview on-line and in reports for management
  • Distribution of assets to multiple users using a link only, which reduces pull on your bandwidth
  • Data capture/ tags bespoke to your requirements
  • Comprehensive reporting on asset usage and distributions help you understand your business demands better
  • Resizing of images - built into the system, your users can crop images or change their resolution without external software packages
  • Tiered permission based access

Maximise your marketing ROI

  • Minimise duplication of work
  • Encourage re-use of your assets where possible
  • Better control over your assets and their distribution throughout different regions/ business units
  • Reduced cost, time, space and bandwidth in distributing your assets

Old way/ vs new way

  • From marketing and brand teams searching for and emailing the latest literature - to going directly to the centralised Asset Store which is available on-line, 24/7
  • From brand knowledge stored in people’s heads - to knowledge and best practice centralised and shared across the organisation
  • From business units searching through emails and chasing files - to on-demand instant access to the latest item versions
  • From the risk of assets going out of date from managing the life cycle on spreadsheets - to transparent version control, with clear ownership and responsibilities
  • From manually distributing and policing your files - to pro-actively managing your creative investment
  • From having your artwork stored on countless CDs, or even with your creative agencies - to artwork stored digitally, managed by you and accessible any time
  • From lack of approvals history, version controls and expiry dates - to transparency and visible sign offs process

Pain points we address

Business units

  • Save time searching and accessing the latest literature and other brand assets
  • Incredibly easy and intuitive to use with minimum training
  • View is segregated and limited to the business unit(s) assigned to each user

Marketing manager

  • Resources are freed up for strategic marketing rather than chasing down approvals
  • Instant distribution of new communications to market
  • Better insight of the business with detailed reports (ie, which files have been downloaded/ distributed most, which items are due to be reviewed, where are the bottlenecks in the process etc.)
  • Instant item withdrawal/ recall
  • Version and artwork control
  • Less iterations for creative departments, thus saving money and freeing their time to be more creative

Central marketing

  • Improved brand control & consistency
  • Saved costs and minimised business disruption
  • Knowledge sharing across organisation and drive towards self-sufficiency

External agencies

  • Instant access to the image/ documents library (permission based)
  • Ability to submit work to be reviewed and ensure client can download and see it
  • Transparency with comments made and accepted

IT manager

  • Minimum involvement required
  • No need for any training or ongoing support
  • No hardware or infrastructure to purchase
  • No additional software licences required

?What makes us different


What do global brands and industry leaders such as Citrix, VMware, Computer Associates, Tesco Bank, Discovery and Bupa all have in common? They rely on bethebrand to help manage their brand and get better value out of their brand assets.

Easy to use

Bethebrand is intuitive and easy to use. Your users can be trained and ready to use the system within hours.

Up and running in no time / Quick deployment

Bethebrand can be deployed quickly, with minimum input or support required by your IT departments.

Off the shelf - yet configurable

Bethebrand provides many configurations and can be quickly tailored to capture your required data and processes. This happens during deployment, to ensure it is tailored to your organisation and you gain maximum usage from your brand management tool.

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