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Automating Financial Promotions briefing, review and approval.

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We have a lot of Financial Services clients because the the brief/create/ review and approval of promotional literature is a painful process; as is the control of the asset lifecycle once approved.

7 problems that go away

  1. Literature creation being on the critical path for campaigns
  2. Missing print deadlines and late print charges
  3. Marketing Directors not beng in control of marketing literature
  4. Regulatory breaches
  5. Team/ person specific processes
  6. High levels of final review rejection rates
  7. Marketing vs compliance friction

6 Headlines from successful business cases

  1. 50% less time spent reviewing documents
  2. Cut agency/ art work costs
  3. Full audit trail of who reviewed, when, and their comments
  4. Process control, standardisation and visibility
  5. Financial Promotion lifecycle control from creation to archiving/ retention
  6. Third party document review license cost reduced to nil.

5 risks downgraded on the corporate risk register

  1. Risk of out of date items being used
  2. Risk of product launch being delayed
  3. Risk of regulatory content breach
  4. Risk of financial promotion (job bag) retention breach
  5. Risk of lack of audit trail

How it works

Automating the FP process is not just a case of providing a tool to electronically capture comments. Solutions need to encompass and manage the entire lifecycle of an item of FP literature.

Literature life cycle

  • New item creation
  • New item approval
  • Print and distribution
  • Update trigger event (withdrawal date, regulatory/business change)
  • New version(s) created and approved
  • Destroy stock, print and distribution
  • Destroy stock and archiving

A solution to manage FP literature through this lifecycle requires the following core components:

  • Library
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Activity allocation to individuals
  • Review comment management
  • Final Approval request and capture
  • Destination management (print, online )
  • Verification data capture
  • Metrics reporting
  • Resource allocation and planning.

Pain points we address

Senior Management Team/Board Level

  • Lost revenue opportunities
  • Regulatory breach
  • Need to evidence awareness and control over FP literature in use
  • Costs higher than necessary and minimal visibility of full costs

Item Owners

  • No SLA reporting on review timescales
  • Limited visibility of review status
  • Multiple versions with different comments returned from reviewers requiring further review and consolidation
  • Need to mark-up additional versions to brief studio/ artwork team.
  • Working with centralised excel spreadsheet to manage withdrawal/ next review dates
  • Multiple forms need to be checked/approved for TCF / FP sign-off


  • Unable to view other reviewers' comments results in duplicate comments and contradictory comments leading to additional review cycles
  • Limited visibility of work load prioritisation and required due dates
  • Unable to track comment lifecycle (whether accepted) for priority comments/advice.
  • Reliance on other teams' reporting of turnaround times

Final Approvers

  • Rapid turnaround always being demanded at this final stage leading to pressure to approve.
  • Limited visibility of upcoming workload
  • Challenging to review comments on multiple previous versions.

Risk /Compliance

  • High audit and review costs due to different teams working to different processes
  • Time consuming to perform sample based QA reviews of paper/ email processes.

Design Team/Agency

  • Error due to deciphering manual comments/ mark-ups
  • Multiple updates due to volume of review cycles
  • Limited forward workload visibility
  • Hard to (re) allocate tasks within the team and manage workload allocation

Getting started

  • Light IT footprint: You can deploy bethebrand with minimum input from your IT department. We will take care of training your users, setting up your system and your users support. All your IT needs to do is spend some time reviewing our security infrastructure and whitelisting an IP address.
  • Standard desktop config does the trick.
  • Lots of configuration options to align the solution to your processes / workflows without needing to change the underlying code.
  • Rapid and iterative deployment process with real time configuration of your version from day 1.
  • Experienced deployment team to do the initial system set up and bulk import for you

?What makes us different

Financial services expertise:

We have over 10 years experience helping clients including banks, investment companies, asset management firms, insurance and brokers automate their marketing. Our clients include TESCO bank, Vitality, Royal London, Baillie Gifford, UIA, Co-operative Insurance Group, Hastings, Retirement Advantage, Bupa, to name a few.

Easy to use:

Many of our clients have commented that they chose us because our system is really intuitive and easy to use, turning complex processes into straight-forward actions. Your users can be trained to use the system in a couple of hours

Quick deployment - built to your scope:

You can be up and running within weeks, providing you can spend some time with us specifying your requirements and processes. Once your system is built, we will take you through your user testing and train your key user groups. You’ll even be able to manage most of the metadata and processes yourself, making you quickly self-sufficient.

Long-term relationships:

The majority of our clients stay with us for years. We’ve been told that we are easy to work with and our clients see us as partners, helping them overcome their challenges of increasing requirements and reduced funding. As your company grows, our software keeps pace.

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