Transparent and structured workflows to streamline on-brand marketing delivery

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Delivering your campaigns to different target groups via multiple channels is complex and time consuming. Empower your marketing and distribution network to launch and localise your campaigns quicker, with better ROI by automating the mundane tasks of briefing, creating, approving, storing and distributing your marketing assets. This is why Bupa, Vitality, Discovery and other health providers rely on bethebrand daily to streamline and manage the delivery of all marketing campaigns and key assets.

10 Problems that go away

  1. Literature review cycle times and the number of reviews cut down = campaigns launched to market faster and cheaper
  2. Time and cost of finding and distributing your marketing assets reduced significantly as your internal customers move to self-serve
  3. Lack of transparency and accountability, as comprehensive MI with complete tracking and reporting, helping you identify bottlenecks in the process and people/teams causing them
  4. Teams across your organisation working in an unstructured way wasting time and resources - put in place standardised workflows, automating mundane activities and ensuring correct process is followed for each campaign
  5. Difficulty to know where an item is in the process -- find out the status of all campaigns and unfinished tasks immediately and easily re-assign work resulting in better planning
  6. Bin your paper job bags - store all your creative briefs, artwork drafts and final artworks, your reviewers comments (tracked and recorded), print specifications and quotes and previous versions in one place;
  7. Information overload - cut down on any unnecessary communications as stakeholders are only engaged in the process when required
  8. Communications reaching a public audience without marketing input/ brand check - approval loops built into the process to ensure that only compliant and on-brand items are in circulation
  9. Coping with an increased workload -- freed up resource can handle a greater volume of work through bethebrand as non-critical communications/ meetings needs are cut down
  10. Lack of clear audit trail for auditing purposes - all items, history and documentation saved and backed up in one place for an unlimited number of years

No more off brand communications!

  1. Let your sales network and other non-marketing staff easily create localised content using on-brand centrally approved templates
  2. Artwork costs of creating local communications reduced by up to 85%
  3. Automatic approval process to ensure consistency and on-brand messaging
  4. Quick to market - professional multilingual communications created faster
  5. Print ready artwork generated
  6. Automated print fulfilment (if required)

Pain points we address

Central marketing

  • Improved brand control & consistency
  • Reduced cost and time of creating and approving marketing assets
  • Immediate overview and transparency of all campaigns and workload

Marketing managers

  • Reduction of duplicating work
  • Freed up resource for strategic marketing rather than managing the process of delivering campaigns
  • Quicker launch of campaigns and distribution of assets to market
  • Better version and artwork control

Sales channels including agents/ brokers/ financial advisors:

  • Immediate access to the latest literature and brand assets
  • Ability to create targeted localised communications within minutes

Your creative agencies/ internal design studios:

  • Quick access to all brand assets
  • Standardised briefs for work
  • Intuitive creative work review; all comments and versions in one place
  • Artwork storage facility

Your end-users

  • Access to the latest, relevant information via multiple channels
  • Consistent brand message resulting in better loyalty and trust of your brand

Getting started

  • Light IT footprint: You can deploy bethebrand with minimum input from your IT department. We will take care of your users, setting up your system and your users support. All your IT needs to do is spend some time reviewing our security infrastructure and whitelisting an IP address.
  • Standard desktop config does the trick.
  • Lots of configuration options to align the solution to your processes / workflows without needing to change the underlying code.
  • Rapid and iterative deployment process with real time configuration of your version from day 1.
  • Experienced deployment team to do the initial system set up and bulk import for you

?Why us

Healthcare expertise:

With the clients such as Vitality, Bupa and Discovery, we understand your industry and the issues your marketing is facing. We can configure bethebrand to address your key problem areas and help you overcome the challenges of increasing requirements and reduced funding.

Easy to use:

Many of our clients have commented that they chose us because our system is really intuitive and easy to use, turning complex processes into straight-forward actions. Your users can be trained to use the system in a couple of hours

Quick deployment - built to your scope:

You can be up and running within weeks, providing you can spend some time with us specifying your requirements and processes. Once your system is built, we will take you through your user testing and train your key user groups. You’ll even be able to manage most of the metadata and processes yourself, making you quickly self-sufficient.

Long-term relationships:

The majority of our clients stay with us for years. We’ve been told that we are easy to work with and our clients see us as partners, helping them overcome their challenges of increasing requirements and reduced funding. As your company grows, our software keeps pace.

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