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A functionality rich, easy to use, platform for delivering marketing services to your clients.

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Leverage your relationship with your clients and beat your competitors by providing a fully managed, automated service. bethebrand is a marketing solution that will add value to your clients and help them streamline the storage, creation, approval and delivery of marketing campaigns and key assets. Bethebrand integrates easily into client’s networks, printing companies and marketing agencies and provides a great front end for delivering your marketing fulfilment services.

7 ways your clients can use bethebrand

  1. Request work from you using briefs and approve brief submissions
  2. Submit print quote requests to you
  3. Review and annotate artwork submitted by you
  4. Obtain multiple client side approvals of concepts, scripts, artwork, designs etc.
  5. Approve or reject quotations submitted
  6. Manage projects you are participating in
  7. Participate in projects you are managing for them

5 reasons to buy, not build

  1. We are experts in marketing workflow automation and digital asset management. Your expertise is in delivering marketing/ fulfilment services.
  2. It’s too expensive to build a system yourself; we’ve continuously invested into bethebrand for over 13 years!
  3. Bethebrand is reliable, stable and intuitive to use
  4. Bethebrand supports complex processes yet is easy to use and users can be trained within hours
  5. Deploying bethebrand requires minimum input or support from your or your clients’ IT departments

What is bethebrand used for:

  • Print procurement and management
  • Stock ordering
  • Campaigns and creative brief reviews and approvals
  • Campaign management including multiple channels, agencies or suppliers
  • Delivery destinations management (print/ online)
  • Digital asset management including literature lifecycle management

Technology based service delivery

  • Move away from spreadsheets, emails, paper job bags and orders taken over the phone and gain total control over your service delivery; with bethebrand all briefs, quote requests, insertion orders, artwork versions, reviewers' comments, print specifications and quotes are saved in one place
  • Get a complete view of your and your clients’ operations - full visibility of all project statuses, bottlenecks, outstanding approvals and delayed actions
  • One centralised location for assets; with control over access rights and approval will become invaluable to your clients

5 ways to help you retain your clients

  1. Change takes time. Once your clients start using bethebrand you become a strategic supplier, improving retention
  2. bethebrand easily grows with your clients, support their growth and you’ll grow with them
  3. Provide your clients with comprehensive MI to help them analyse metrics and reduce inefficiencies
  4. Help your clients manage up to 50% more projects with the same headcount, by automating repeatable business processes and improving their productivity
  5. Your clients are expecting you to go the extra mile; 48% of senior marketers value fresh ideas, analytics, and perspectives by marketing agencies, followed by new methodologies and creative approaches (39%), quicker and more efficient turnaround of work (31%), and objective third-party advice and counsel (29%).*MarketingProfs Survey

Pain points we address


  • Immediate complete overview and transparency of all campaigns and workload
  • Great client retention tool
  • Time and cost savings in managing your clients

Your client

  • Freed up resource for strategic marketing rather than managing the process of delivering campaigns
  • Quicker launch of campaigns and distribution of assets to market
  • Better version and artwork control
  • Improved brand control & consistency

?Why bethebrand

Continuous investment

We have a product development road map driven by our clients' needs and continuously invest in the application.

Easy to use

Many of our clients chose us because our system is intuitive and easy to use, turning complex processes into a list of straight-forward actions. Your users can be trained and ready to use the system within a couple of hours.

Easy to integrate

bethebrand can be deployed quickly, with minimum input or support required by your clients’ (or your) IT departments.

Off the shelf - yet configurable

bethebrand provides many configuration options to meet your clients’ data and process requirements. This does not slow down the deployment, as your system can be configured within a couple of weeks.

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