Reduce your artwork costs by 85%

Reduce the cost and time spent localising your campaigns by up to 85% while maintaining your brand consistency across all markets. Create print-ready, on-brand documents in minutes - using professionally designed online templates, with an approved photo library of images, logos and font styles. Sign off communications and submit jobs to your printers online. Improve control over your brand and ensure consistent messages across all communications.

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Multilingual, editable templates

Product and fact sheets, brochures, leaflets, posters, stationery, banners or any single or multiple page communication. bethebrand creates print-ready, low resolution PDFs, in English, Russian, Chinese - or the majority of world languages. Localise your campaigns quickly and consistently.

Template access

Access to all templates is permission based. Templates are saved in your online Asset Store and can be accessed 24 / 7 through a standard internet browser. Once localised, artwork can be routed through multiple reviews before the watermark is removed ready for print.

How does it work?

We set up your templates with editable sections (logo, copy, images) as per your requirements. Every time a template is chosen, bethebrand creates a new version of the document watermarked as ‘Draft only’ until it is approved by stakeholders. A high resolution artwork file becomes available only when the document is approved. All approved items can be saved back into the Asset Store, available for downloading, distributing, and re-using.

Web to print

Integrate your print management by submitting any approved artwork to a select list of printers for quotes and fulfilment directly from bethebrand. Store the source files of artwork with your item, making it easy to locate and download within seconds.


View status of all jobs, by region, business unit or user. Re-assign work within bethebrand to ensure business continuity and identify any bottlenecks in your processes.

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