Collaborative review & approvals

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Work smarter

Multiple stakeholders working in different locations can comment on and approve communications simultaneously, or in parallel, without the need for third party licences. Accessible online from anywhere, at any time, by using a standard web browser. Control approval of your campaigns and content, with a clear and thorough audit trail.

Better version control

Managing different document versions and drafts is no longer chaotic. Eliminate the time and cost of locating the latest versions, or reworking and printing wrong versions. With bethebrand, you ensure that stakeholders comment on and review the latest versions of documents as older versions are locked down.

How does it work?

Schedule reviews with assigned deadlines and stakeholders. Stakeholders will receive automated reminders to login to bethebrand and mark up a document online from there. All comments are captured in real time on one screen, with tags to capture comment types. Email alerts and dashboard updates are triggered when a file is rejected or approved. Comments can be carried across from one version of the document to another, speeding up artworker briefing and re-review. Stakeholders can comment on others' comments. Built-in checks can be configured to stop the project moving to the next stage unless all stakeholders sign the item off.


  • Supports PDFs, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, video, audio and image files
  • Sign off single or multiple documents per workflow
  • Store all supporting evidence in one place
  • Review all comments or filter comments by individual reviewers
  • Reject / approve individual comments
  • Remove / add stakeholders as required
  • Powerful search to help you quickly find relevant keywords in your document
  • Copy and paste text using clipboard
  • Colour code and tag different types of comments for easy navigation
  • Consolidate and print all comments
  • Optional final approval (for regulatory / legal / pre-production checks) built-in
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Quicker review cycles

Spot and resolve issues before they escalate and reduce the number of review cycles for each communication. Minimise unnecessary meetings and countless emails, as all stakeholders can see the status of their comments immediately, in real time.

Never miss a deadline

Automated reminders are emailed to all stakeholders when they are required to review a document. A service level agreement (SLA) can be defined for each review cycle and reminders are automatically sent if a reviewer misses a deadline. Get reminders for all key actions via email and on a personalised dashboard.

Clear audit trail & accountability

All comments are retained in the system for analysis and audit purposes and cannot be deleted. Identify bottlenecks within your campaign approval processes with standard reports. Provides a clear audit trail of all stakeholder comments and key dates to prove your compliance with any regulatory requirements - on demand.

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