Embedded reporting

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Knowledge on demand

Use the built-in suite of reports to access crucial management information instantly. From asset usage reports to projects and users overview, gain valuable insight into your operations and resource utilisation. All data is stored and backed-up - necessary to prove your compliance in a regulatory environment. Reports can be exported to Excel for further data mining and new reports can be added as required.

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Asset reports

Get the most value out of your assets by understanding how they are used and promote re-usage. Find out which assets are most downloaded, shared or searched for. Manage review dates and ensure that no obsolete items are in circulation. Get visibility of asset ownership, creation history and review pipeline. Minimise waste and plan your future campaigns better.

Project & workflow reports

From top-level visibility of all campaigns to details about each project, asset and approval status - all information is at your fingertips. Check the status of all campaigns or use filters to view details by business unit, team or user. Drill down to see stakeholder reviews and approval timeframe details and find out who is causing bottlenecks and why. Spot and address any workflow issues, resulting in quicker speed to market and more cost-efficient campaigns.

User & system reports

Ensure business continuity and quickly re-assign work or assets when your staff are on holidays or leaves the company. Find out who your most active users are, how often they access and what they use bethebrand for. Filter user reports by department / business unit or permissions and view all recent activity.

Print & stock reports

Get immediate overview of all your print jobs, find out how much each department / business unit spent on print over a period of time and with which suppliers. Double-check that you are getting the best deal for every print job. Get the details of your stock levels at various locations, view stock orders and manage your re-order levels.

Artwork from template reports

View status of all communications immediately. Find out how many pieces of art were created by which users, and which templates are the most popular. Check that all communications were reviewed and approved prior to print or distribution.

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