Integrated supplier briefing

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It starts with a brief

Whether it is print quotations, DM assembly, minor amend requests or lead creative ….the quality of the outcome is maximised (and the level of frustration minimised) if requirements and instructions are clearly communicated.

bethebrand can be used to standardise the briefing process by using dynamic forms to capture the right brief and automating brief review and acceptance.

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Automate your supplier briefing

For supplier briefing the subsequent quote submission and approval process is also managed. The data is entered only once; bethebrand carries that data to all required forms and reporting databases.

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Types of briefs you can automate

  • Print quote request
  • Data brief
  • Distribution brief / assembly
  • Creative brief
  • Campaign / project initiation brief
  • Insertion order for ad bookings

How does it work?

We set up your forms with your requirements including pre-defined options and staged or one off approval loops. Forms can contain related fields so users are only asked to complete relevant sections. Mandatory and optional rules can be easily set to control capturing the minimum data needed.

Complex and simple approval processes can be configured to ensure that briefs are approved at the appropriate stage, such as before being sent through to a supplier or before budgets are committed to.

We build in controls to ensure your project moves to the next stage once approvals are granted. Your briefs are signed off and acknowledged through bethebrand, keeping all documentation easily accessible in one place.

Quick to set up or amend

Configuration of all your forms is quick, easy and fast, performed by our customer team without the need to involve any developers. You decide the format to capture the data (e.g. free text, tick boxes, options lists, scrollers, etc.) to ensure you work most efficiently. Further amendments to your standard briefs, the format and the type of data captured is quick and can be done within a couple of hours.

Remove duplicate re-entry

Data captured in briefs can be integrated into other solutions through the use of standard APIs, removing the need to re-key data into disparate systems.

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