On brand configuration

Your system, your branding, your look & feel

bethebrand will configure the style using your corporate colours, logo and web fonts, so it feels on brand. You can choose different ‘skins’ for different business groups and entities if needed - ensuring you still get the benefits of working under one umbrella, while maintaining multiple brand identities.

Your workflows

Different workflows can be configured to map to how you want to work. The application does not micro-manage people (that has been tried and failed) but provides list of tasks, priorities and status both at an individual and team level. These tasks are automatically generated from pre-configured workflows. Processes typically in scope include asset approval, supplier briefing, create and upload artwork, review/ approve/ reject artwork, submit and review campaign briefs, obtain final approvals, request print quotations and approve print orders. This is not an exhaustive list, just an illustration.

The off the shelf solution contains the core workflows needed to manage the brief/ create / review and approve processes used across marketing teams and their supply chain. These can be “tweaked” to map to your process and new workflows configured as needed.

Configurable data

Our user-defined meta data fields mean you determine what information to capture for each of the assets, campaign briefing forms, project requests, data & creative briefs. Data can be integrated across different forms to reduce re-keying as part of the ability to manage complex form building.

Our suite of standard reports provides high-level and in-depth analysis to better manage your work efforts and increase your ROI on marketing assets.

Users & permissions

Users and user groups are set up with different permissions which system administrators can manage. Auto-registration and defined user roles can be created to minimise the user management. Different levels of system segmentation can be applied to really lock down what users can see/ do and report on.

Your rules

After training, you will be able to manage your system yourself. We encourage the ‘train the trainer’ approach and will provide as little or as much support as you require. Process definition and documentation are part of our implementation and support services. You can add modules and users at your discretion and manage the ongoing evolution of the application as your business changes.

If you have any questions please get in touch